Sunday, October 22, 2023

EMF break streak and win first round of playoffs

The EMF Bobcats hadn't won a post season game since 2018 and were itching to prove this team can go far.

Thursday night they showed they had a team that can win and convincingly.  After the Bobcats forced the Pendragons to go three and out on their opening drive the home team got right to work,  On the second down Breckan Schluter got loose for a first down but more importantly secured the last few yards he needed to put him at 6000 career rushing yards.

The Bobcat offense marched downfield and Bartu plowed in for a touchdown and Schluter topped it off with the two point conversion.

With 6:57 in the second quarter Schluter picked a Pendragon pass and hit the end zone.  The Pender defense left him wide open to catch a Tyler Due pass for the two point.  

Pender found the end zone with 6:01 left in the half and put eight points on the board.

Pender tried to even up the score before half and sent a hail mary pass with six seconds left on the clock but Bartu intercepted the ball in the end zone to end the first half and it was 16- 8 at the half.

Out from the half the Bobcats were fired up and quickly got on the board for six more from Bartu with Spencer Eberspacher catching a Due pass for two to make it 24-8.

It was Schluter's turn next at the beginning of the fourth quarter as he broke free and punched it in.  Draven Payne took the ball in for two making it 32 to 8 with 11:15 left in the game

Pender got a ways down the field on a pass interference call and found the end zone but the Bobcat defense held them for the two point attempt.  The score was 32-14.

Pender attempted an onsite kick but the ball didn't go far enough and the Bobcats got the ball deep in their own territory.  Schluter took it in for six and Bartu swept into the end zone untouched for two points.  40-14.

Jacob Weber snagged his second interception with two minutes left in the game and put a stop to any offensive attempt by the Pendragons.

Final was 40-14 and the Bobcats break their first round losing streak and head to the second round of playoffs to meet Shelby Rising City in Milligan Friday night at 7 p.m.

Bartu found the end zone again Eberspacher caught the two 


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