Sunday, April 23, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: ELA Update


ELA Update

By Brandi Perez, Exeter-Milligan ELA Instructor


Within the 9-12 English Language Arts classes we have been focusing on a wide range of topics. English 9 students are focusing on the question: Is the journey more important than the destination? English 10 students are currently in a Gothic Literature unit, focusing on if all brains enjoy fear in some way. Both freshmen and sophomore classes are also reading their own library books this semester to improve their reading skills. English 11 students just got done completing their reading portion of the John Baylor Test Preparation to help them with the upcoming ACT. English 12 students are currently focusing on how different it can be to find a new home as they prepare for life after high school. Finally, the journalism class is working on a video with the EM Network to hopefully be shared soon. We are looking forward to seeing how the rest of the semester goes within the 9-12 English Language Arts classroom.


Pictured are:

Front L-R: Tyler Due, Savana Krupicka, Troy Kallhoff

Back: Owen Real (partially hidden), Andrew Vavra, Taylor Pribyl, Draven Payne, and Dravin Birkes


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