Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: Consumer Math


Consumer Math Class Update

By Anita Mueller, E-M Instructor


Exeter-Milligan Consumer Math class is studying various types of insurance and calculating rates for different types of structures and family situations.  We went to Generations Bank to talk to the Generation Insurance Group and had Diane Geiger (filling in for Kory Kahlandt on short notice since he got called away at the last minute) talk to the class about home and renters insurance and the importance of insurance coverage.  She also talked about how they figure out the cost of insurance and how COVID and inflation has also increased the price of insurance in the recent years.  She gave us some specific examples of when homeowners insurance had been used in a liability case, a personal property case, and on a home after a storm.  Mrs. Anita Mueller would like to thank Generations Insurance Group in Exeter and Diane Geiger for taking time out of her day to talk to Sophia Gilliam about how insurance rates are figured and how important insurance coverage is to have.  Kory Kahlandt stopped by school the following day and introduced himself and brought Sophia a bag of goodies from Generation Insurance Group.  Thank you again for the interesting life lesson on insurance.


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