Sunday, March 12, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: Kindergarten drums

Barrett White and Brecken Sluka work on their drums

Kindergarten Drums

By Amanda Pettygrove, Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten Teacher


Kindergarten just completed their CKLA Knowledge unit over Native Americans. During the unit, students studied how the Lakota Sioux relied on buffalo to give them what they need. Students learned that they not only got food from buffalo but also used them to create their shelters and drums. Students ended this Native American unit by creating their own drums.


Penelope Harrison leads the rest of the kindergarten class playing their drums. Also pictured are Baylor Johnson, (backs to camera L-R) Brecken Sluka, Barrett White, Emmett Schlegelmilch, and Weston Yound.


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