Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: Ag News


Ag News Update

By Miranda Hornung, Exeter-Milligan Ag Instructor and EMF FFA Co-Sponsor

The new semester of agriculture classes has kicked off to a great start! 


The 7th-grade class started off by exploring the three areas of agriculture education - Classroom, FFA, and SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience). They are now working on exploring agriculture in the past and how it has transformed into what we know today through simulating hunter-gatherers and planting heirloom seeds.


Plant Science class has been busy cleaning the grow towers and replanting lettuce for this semester to grow for the lunch room. They are learning about the types of plant reproduction through seed planting, spider plant cuttings, and genetic research. Upcoming for this class include floriculture and landscape design units.


The Animal Science class is wrapping up the nutrition unit where they identified essential nutrients, macro/micro minerals, and balanced rations for livestock diets. They will expand on this through digestive system exploration, followed by illness and reproduction labs.


Both of the Agribusiness classes are knee-deep in planning their school-based enterprises (businesses) to run for the rest of the school year. They have learned about the entrepreneurial mindset, risk, ideation, and problem/solution-based thinking.


The welding class is finishing the Shielded Metal Arc Welding unit (Stick Welding) and beginning to prepare for the district FFA welding competition in February where they will compete as teams in all 4 major welding areas - MIG, TIG, Stick, and O/A.


And finally, the EMF FFA chapter has been busy preparing for National FFA Week (Feb. 19-25th) and is excited to announce chapter events soon. Members also competed in district LDEs on Jan. 25th and will compete in district CDEs on Feb. 28th. A group of members from E-M competed in Ag Demonstration by preparing a MIG welder (pictured are Mikey Bartu, Cade Kresak, Daysan Staskal, Jayden Capek, and Marcus Krupicka).


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