Friday, January 6, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: English Update


English Update 

By Brandi Perez, Exeter-Milligan English Language Arts Instructor


The journalism class has been hitting the ground running this year by working on taking pictures at events, editing, and using those photos to create a memorable yearbook for this academic year. Not only do the students complete the yearbook and the bi-weekly newsletter, but they also attended two field trips this semester. The first was the Nebraska High School Press Association Fall Convention where students got to choose their own adventure and listen to a wide variety of speakers from within the journalism field. The second field trip was to Class Intercom in Lincoln. Class Intercom is a platform where students are able to create quality content for their school to help showcase their amazing students and the activities they are part of. It also helps students learn digital citizenship and helps build skills within the classroom. At the workshop, students took part in Quick Hit Challenges and are still taking part in The Big Challenge alongside Friend Public Schools. The Big Challenge is a month-long challenge where students are asked to choose the theme of “tradition” or “gratitude” and create content for their school. This challenge can be done individually, as a team, or as a school. Along with Friend Public Schools, we will be focusing on “Making New Traditions” with the recent co-op of EMF Bobcats. Though Class Intercom is still new to the journalism class, we are very excited to try new things and see how this will positively impact Exeter-Milligan.


The English classes have been focusing on reading comprehension and writing papers. English 9 class has been working through their curriculum, identifying tone and using what they have learned from their reading to conduct further research on a given topic. English 10 is currently reading Of Mice and Men, English 11 is reading The Great Gatsby, and English 12 is reading “Beowulf”. Overall, we have had a great time in English Language Arts this semester and look forward to what other great things we can do in class.


Pictured are Jozie Kanode, Draven Payne, Hannah Busboom, Liv Swanson, Savana Krupicka, and Taylor Pribyl.

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