Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Exeter-Milligan Update: Art

 Liberty Johnson, Tucker Svec, Kmila Benitez, Owen Real, Emma Meyer, Joni Vossler




Front: Owen Real, Neal Scott, Avery Nichols, Tucker Svec, Liberty Johnson, Alivia Luzum, Joni Vossler

Back: Marcus Krupicka, Tyler Due, Cade Kresak, Trevin Ronne, Kmila Benetiz, Emma Meyer



Art at Exeter-Milligan

By Lisa Kanode, E-M K-12 Art Instructor


Hasting’s Mural Contest is among the highlights for this year’s E-M art students. A team of artist’s prepared for the challenge and participated with nearly 40 other schools across the state at Hasting’s College. This year’s theme was “Hometown Postcard” which suited us just fine as we spent the summer and beginning of the school year leaning on the theme of “Small town proud” and “Small school proud” promoted by EM principal Mrs. Kroll. The team consisted of Art II students- Kmila Benitez, Liberty Johnson, Joni Vossler and Emma Meyer and Art I students - Owen Real and Tucker Svec. The group went right to work making a plan for their mural once they received the theme. The team had from 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM to complete their mural. Things they discovered that they will do differently next year is to bring some padding for their knees, a couple bag chairs to sit in when they needed a break and maybe even a table to work on. For the most part they worked well together as a team and leaned on each other’s strengths.  Winning this year’s contest was Kearney High with a gorgeous mural of a sandhills crane. It would be nice of they would separate class A-B with C-D schools as I do think a lot of smaller schools did an amazing job!


Later on in the semester the high school art students traveled to Omaha for a program put on by the Omaha Symphony called “Celebrate Creativity”. They E-M kids tried a variety of workshops from acting and stage makeup to yarn painting and stage combat. They finished the day with a performance by the Omaha Symphony that compared the visual art element of line with performance art. Overall the kids thought it was a good experience and would recommend it for future field trips.


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