Saturday, December 17, 2022

Exeter-Milligan Update: All-State Ensemble


All-State Ensemble

By Mark Perez, Exeter-Milligan K-12 Music Instructor


On Wednesday, November 16th, Gracelyn Becker and Crosby Oldehoeft had the opportunity to attend the All-State Orff Ensemble at the yearly NMEA Conference in Lincoln, NE. Orff-Schulwerk is a teaching concept in Music Education which involves learning music through what kids do naturally; play. This involves lots of singing, movement, and playing keyboard percussion instruments. That’s exactly what they did at the All-State Orff Ensemble as they told the story of a typical “school day” through song and movement, accompanied by instruments. “Lunch time” included the use of lunch trays during a food fight which was accompanied by the keyboard percussion instruments. “Recess time” involved various kinds of movements and dance-like features, many of which the students came up with themselves. Finally, the end of the day featured a beautifully sung lullaby which put all the kids to sleep, ready to rise again the next morning and do it all again!


Congratulations to Crosby (far left) and Gracelyn (far right) for getting to experience this event and for a fantastic performance! Below are pictures from the dress rehearsal and after the concert.


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