Friday, March 11, 2022

Village Board Hires Lifeguards


The Exeter Village Board met on Tuesday, March 8 for their regularly scheduled meeting.

After reviewing the bills and prior month’s minutes the board heard about insurance from Kory Kahlandt, President of Generations Insurance.

He shared with the board a premium breakdown back to 2012.  “I wanted the board to be aware there is a dividend paid.  If it was a good claims year, with no weather, looks like the dividend will be about $12,000.00 this year.”

Kahlandt explained that rising property values have driven the price of insurance up which is reflected in the village bill.  He added that replacement cost for the fire department vehicles increased three percent, “That would be a brand new vehicle, no depreciation.”

“Thanks for putting this together,” responded board member Justin Harre, who added that he appreciated seeing all of the figures laid out in an easy to read manner.

The board discussed a possible annex of property on the north side of the village where the Farmers Cooperative has their fertilizer stored. After reading some advice from the village attorney the board decided to contact the concerned parties and then possibly hold one special meeting in order to move the process along faster.

The board discussed what the village responsibility would be to annexed property owners.  “we would need to provide water service and sewer up to the property line. We also need a fire hydrant out there.  There isn’t one out there now,” explained Village Board President Alan Michl.

The next agenda item was the summer help applications.  They received nine applications for lifeguards and one from Anna Sluka to be the pool manager.  The board opted to hire as lifeguards: Alexandria Wallace  Jamie Renshaw, Draven Payne, Troy Kallhoff, Emma Olsen, Jaiden Papik (assistant pool manager), Cameran Jansky, Andrew Vavra, and Savana Horne.  They hired Sluka as the pool manager.

The board scheduled the dumpster for the village clean up on May 14.

The board approved two donations out of the community betterment keno fund including $100 to the Exeter-Milligan post prom and $500 to the Exeter-Milligan community scholarship fund.

The village received the swing set for Gilbert’s park that was ordered two years ago.  The board approved the invoice of $1996.39 which also came out of community betterment keno fund.

There was nothing on the marshal’s report but several board members commented on the marshal’s visibility.

Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller reported that the tarring on the streets has been completed.  He got an estimate of $14,800 on fencing for a new batting cage.  The board talked about  different options for financial help with the batting cage.  The board discussed several proposed locations for the batting cage focusing on ballfield the south fence on the first base line on the east end.

The board approved the ordering the fencing and plan to ask several organizations to help fund the project. 

Mueller is hoping to move the gazebo and the swing from the nursing home to the old tag factory lot and asked the board for their recommendation on placement on the empty lot.  They advised him to put it where it worked for him to mow around.

Village Clerk Becky Erdkamp gave her report which included December sales tax receipts of $24,684.85 and keno for January totaled $281.18.

The next meeting was set for April 5 at 7 p.m. at the Village Office.

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