Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Record Low Temps

 Exeter experienced record low temps Monday morning and Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning temps unofficially hovered in the -33 range with windchill's bring the air down to a brisk -40 to -45.  After more snow (about 5 inches over Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Exeter-Milligan had a late start on Monday due to drifting snow but started at the regular time on Tuesday despite the low temperatures.  Afternoon temperatures rose to close to 0 with the rest of the week still cold but out of the deep freeze.  

With the low temperatures which came from a polar vortex which started up in North Dakota and funneled all the way down in Texas (which had measurable snow and ice) came an increased need for power.  So much so that power companies were required to have rolling shut downs to conserve power. 

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