Thursday, February 18, 2021

Throwback Thursday February 18, 2011


Exeter-Milligan Students at the County Courthouse to participate in the Fillmore County Courthouse were Clarissa Mounce, Samantha Horne, Kaitlyn Vavra and Hailey Luzum. Kaitlyn Vavra took third place in the 5th and 6th grade division.

Exeter-Milligan Junior High Students who participated in the Fillmore County Spelling Bee were Janey Due, Sean Maxson and Elliot Erdkamp.

Mrs. Julia Polak's 6th grade science class has started their physical science unit with an introduction to chemistry. The Blue River Cohort schools' 6th grade teachers begin their chemistry studies
with Matter and physical changes in matter, including mixtures and solutions.

Atoms and molecules are next, with the concepts of elements and chemical changes. Mrs. Polak calls her unit "Kitchen Chemistry," because almost all of the demonstrations and activities are done with common household items. The students will be given a "Chemistry
Cookbook" at the end of the year.

The Exeter-Milligan 5th grade class has been studying minerals, rocks, and fossils. They grew their own crystals, and were able to examine samples of rocks and minerals that Mrs. Polak shared, and that other students brought to class.

Exeter-Milligan School received a $2500 donation from Monsanto Funds at an all school assembly. 

A collection of Labors of Love was shared on Tuesday afternoon at the Exeter Senior Center.
The program welcomed anyone to bring in items that had been handmade to a sort of “show and tell” according to Fillmore County Senior Services Advisor Brenda Motis.

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