Saturday, November 20, 2021

Exeter Village Board Meets Discusses Property


Exeter Village Board met on Tuesday, November 9 for a scheduled regular meeting.

After approving the minutes and bills the board moved on to the first agenda item, reviewing resolution 21-07.  The resolution approves a multi-district jurisdictional hazard plan, “so that if you have a disaster you have a plan in place,” explained Clerk Becky Erdkamp.

The board approved the resolution and then started discussing the property at 405 S. Union which was on their list of properties to be cleaned up.

Cantrell Harrison attended the meeting on behalf of her father, Mark Stokebrand, the property owner.

“He would like a couple more months to see if he could get his stuff out of it and then he wants to see if the fire department would do a practice burn.  Ideally it would be with snow cover,” explained Harrison. ‘It’s beyond repair.”

Board member Bob Mueller responded, “I guess we go another month. I hate to go too far.”

Chairman Alan Michl added, “You just can’t burn it.  It has to be inspected.  Let’s give him to the end of January and then we can start the inspection process.”

A neighbor expressed to Clerk Erdkamp that he was very worried about one of the trees which is dead and is concerned about it falling on his house.

The board voted to give the homeowner until February 1 to remove the rest of his items before declaring it a dangerous property and proceeding with an asbestos inspection.

The next item on the agenda was a discussion on the property on North Missouri Avenue that the owners wanted to donate to the village.  Clerk Erdkamp explained that there was not a clear title to the property.  All of the family members listed on the deed would have to sign the title in order for the property to be donated to the village.

“I want to proceed (with getting the paperwork done), explained Chairman Alan Michl,”We’re going to spend a lot more if it becomes a nuisance property.”

The board discussed purchasing ice melt for the village and decided to purchase a pallet for downtown businesses.

The board looked at more options for health insurance for employees. They looked at a quote from Nebraska rural association and compared it to a current policy an employees’ spouse will have through their work when they retire.

“We just give them a stipend and they can worry about what they want to do with it. We wanted to get quotes to see what kind of stipend we would need to give,” commented Michl.

Village Marshal Tyler Salmon held a brief discussion of dogs that are running loose and notifying drivers that semi trucks can not be parked on the street.

Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller gave his report noting that he had ordered two new lights for the ball field. They will be installed once the split posts are cut down.  He also explained he had worked on cutting some ditches on the north side of town to help with drainage.

Clerk Erdkamp reported sales tax for August was $9928.77 and September Keno was $152.63 

The next meeting was set for Dec 8 at 7 p.m.







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