Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Exeter Village Board Discusses Perennial Bills


The Exeter Village board met Tuesday with board member Bob Mueller absent.  After approving the minutes and invoices the board moved to a short agenda.

The board approved the annual certification of the roads program and Resolution 21-05, the Municipal Annual Certification of Roads Program Compliance.

The board also approved Resolution 21-06 which placed a water lien of $405.04 on 121 N. Burlington Avenue.

The board discussed changing the new Perennial Public Power District annual lease from 12% to the amount that was previously collected, 13.6%.  “It’s the same as it was, they are just presenting the bill a different way,” explained chairman Alan Michl.

The board approved the annual lease with Perennial.

Providing health insurance benefits for employees was the next item on the agenda.  The board looked at the coverage employees currently have with their spouses employers and examined some quotes from a local agent. They also examined a plan from a national rural water association.  The board asked Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller to get more information on the options.

There was no marshal’s report.

Mueller gave his maintenance report starting with an issue at the ballfield. “One of the light posts at the ballfield looks like it was hit by lightning, the top of the post is splintered,” he explained.

He visited with Perennial about the options.  They talked about cutting the post off five feet and replacing the two broken light fixtures. The board discussed different options for replacing the lights. 

Mueller reported that he completed the replacement of drainage culvert on East Boundary and plans to straighten the wood fence at Storybook park this week. He is also looking into cleaning and redoing some ditches on the north part of the village.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported that sales tax for July was $10,038.69 and August Keno was $164.52.  The board was approached about a resident wanting to donate some property to the village.  The board will have the paperwork drawn up for the resident to sign. The board held a brief discussion on the processes for using the government funds they received as part of the American Recovery Plan Act money. The board set the next meeting for November 9.

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