Thursday, September 23, 2021

Exeter Hires a Trio of Librarians


The new trio of librarians in Exeter are (L-R) Sara Pella, Cindy Markowski and Pat Sudrla.


 The Exeter Public Library held their fall kick off for their new LOL (Love our Library) club on Thursday afternoon.

 The project, initiated by the three new librarians, was dubbed a success.  With 26 kids, from preschool to fifth grade, and a few extra adults to help, the event went smoothly.

The kickoff started with a story for two different groups of kids.  The preschool and kindergarteners had a story and created a leaf magnet and the older kids had a story and created a leaf banner.

Then there was a maker space area, a s’more station outside and of course books to discover along with Storybook park outside.

The new librarians plan to hold the club every Monday through Thursday from after school until five p.m.  “We will have homework help available, a snack, maker space items available or they can read or check out a book,” according to one of the trio, Pat Sudrla.

The librarians plan to have a bigger club event once a month.

According to the new librarians, former librarian Lynette Trauger was a hard act to follow.  She and her husband moved and she decided to relinquish the position.  Sudrla, along with Sara Pella and Cindy Markowski decided to share the position. Sudrla claimed, “It took three of us to replace Lynette.”

Right now Sudrla and Pella are taking turns running the desk to keep the library open while Markowski takes coursework to become accredited and fills in as needed.  They are open from 10-5 Monday through Thursday.

“We are keeping a tally of who is coming in between 10 and 5 so we can adjust our hours to the community needs,” explained Pella.

They list as their goals “getting the community more involved,” according Markowski.

 Pella added that they, “want to make the library accessible for all ages.”

“Making the library a viable part of the community,” was Sudrla’s answer.

To accomplish those goals the group is starting with their LOL club.  They hope to add a ladies night out, pop with a cop, and a book share club.

They will build on Trauger’s success with Trunk or Treat downtown and plan to hold the event on Halloween from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. 

Trauger also applied for a technology grant and the library is in the process of adding two iPads to their inventory.  They have begun posting regularly on social media to keep the community informed.

 They have been thrilled with how their new collaboration has worked, “It's been great bouncing ideas off of each other,” explained Pella.

Markowski added, “It’s amazing how it works . We didn't want to lose our library. It's a gold mine, really.”

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