Monday, June 14, 2021

Exeter Village Board Approves Zoning Change


The Exeter Village board met on Tuesday, June 8 at 7 p.m. with board member Justin Harre absent.

After reviewing the minutes and invoices the board moved on the first agenda item and opened a public hearing on a zoning change with Fillmore County Zoning Administrator Jennifer Slezak.

Slezak explained that the planning commission met in May in regards to a change in zoning on property at 221 West North Boundary. The planning commission recommended that the zoning change from residential to Commercial -2 on 1.96 acres in the far northwest corner of the village.

The property is currently a dilapidated farmstead and Derek Axline plans to clean it up and build some storage units.

Next on the agenda was Exeter Rescue Captain Hope Androyna who asked the board for a letter of recommendation for a liquor license for Exeter days  on July 31.  She explained that they plan to have the beer garden set up all day behind the fire hall and will not be closing off the street.  The board approved writing the letter of recommendation.

Androyna also asked if the board was willing to help compensate for four residents who are taking an EMT classes.  She explained that the last time a group of seven from Exeter took the class only three passed the National Registry test.  They were the only three out of 27 that passed.

Androyna is working on some requirements for those taking the class.  With the cost of the class and required immunizations and background checks at around $1200 Androyna asked if the village would be willing to sponsor two of the students with the fire department sponsoring the other two students.

She is also proposing that if the students don’t finish the course or attempt to take the national registry they would be required to reimburse the village or fire department.

Board member Bob Mueller suggested that students are required to give the village or the fire department a deposit check.

Andryona doesn’t want to discourage anyone from attempting to become an EMT and explained, “I want to keep as many EMT’s active as possible but I want them to do it for the right reasons.”

Board Chairman Alan Michl added, “Whoever want to take the class we will do whatever is in our power to make that happen so they don’t have to spend the money.”

The board held a brief discussion on their expectations of hours with Village Marshal Tyler Salmon.

After several minute Mueller responded, “Go with 10 hours a week and in three months you can tell if that is going to work.”

The board noted that if residents have an issue Salmon can be dispatched out of the county sheriff’s office and in an emergency residents should call 911.  For non-emergencies residents can call 402-759-4441.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp noted that there is black mold in the basement again. The board discussed this ongoing issue and made a plan to call a company to get an estimate on fixing the water issues in the basement.

Michl added, “I’m going to be blunt, we’ve got to fix it or build a new building.”

Maintenance supervisor John Mueller gave a brief report on the pool.  There was a discussion on applying for a grant for rubber mulch and the way the park and ball association relay their needs to the board.

Clerk Erdkamp reported sales tax for March was $12,009.90 and April Keno was $284.67.  The board set the next meeting for July 6.


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