Sunday, June 13, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Update: Art News

Art News Update

By Lisa Kanode, Exeter-Milligan Art Instructor


In the art world we try to make everyone feel like an artist, but in the long run not everyone plans to be an artist when they grow up. As a matter of fact I have more adults tell me, “I can’t even draw a stick figure”. Art in a sense scares people and they are not even comfortable lending a hand if it involves a paintbrush. I tell my students that no matter what field of study they enter after high school, every employer will want you to have good decision-making skills and be able to solve problems, as well as, creative thinking skills. All of which we work on while working out and planning our art projects and as we work on refining detail in our compositions.


This year I have two 4th year art students. When I asked them why they have taken art all 4 years of high school they said, “for the enjoyment of it”. Natalie Staskal says she has learned new drawing skills and artist mediums that have helped her create art on a new level. She always enjoyed drawing and it has been nice studying artist’s and styles and seeing her improvements throughout her high school years. Natalie believe’s she will continue to draw in her free time for relaxation and distraction. Another 4th year art student, Sean Gibson, has taken art every year in high school because he believes it is a good opportunity to learn more about art history and creating art himself. Sean’s favorite activity is when we go on photography walks around town and in the country.

Starting the day in the art room every morning is relaxing and a good way to kick start the day. Pictured below is artwork from Natalie and Sean, I will miss having them in the art room next year!

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