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Throwback Thursday: April 22, 2011




Art Classes at Exeter-Milligan recently learned about Chinese Opera masks.  They learned about the different colors used and how they stand for different meanings and studied the shapes used and how the designs were symmetrical. Then they created their own mask using a paper Mache construction.  Next they created their own opera mask design using some shapes from examples.  Then they painted their design on their mask.


Students in Grades K-2 at Exeter-Milligan have been participating in the President's Challenge Physical Fitness Testing Program.  The Fitness Program includes five events that measure
muscular strength/endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, speed, agility, and flexibility.  They have also been practicing hitting a ball off of a tee and playing "tee" ball.  They will wrap up the school year with soccer, softball (tee ball), and other "outdoor" activities that will get them prepared for Elementary Field Day, which is scheduled for May 13.

Sophomores are involved in a badminton unit. They chose partners and have been involved in quite a competitive "round robin" tournament.  Megan Zwickl and Robbie Androyna are the current leaders of the competition.  They will wrap up the school year with softball, pickle ball, and the President's Challenge Fitness Tests.


The historic tag factory in downtown Exeter has recently received some maintenance attention.

Owners, Seth and Robin Jones, of San Diego, spent a week in Exeter recently making major repairs to the roof and structure of the building and giving the visible front a mini facelift. They purchased the building about three years ago, sight unseen.

This winter the building had a roof cave in that damaged all four floors of the building.  The Jones’, along with Seth parents, Howard and Kathy Jones of Oregon, spent a week hauling trash out of the building starting in the basement.


Mrs. Audry Betka-Mager's Reading Mastery group at Exeter-Milligan enjoys learning to read! After learning the new words and reviewing some previously learned words, the children read their story
for the day. It usually begins with an information passage which shares some important facts that relate to the story. Then the students read the story, do some reading with a partner, and answer some comprehension questions in their textbook and workbook. Every five lessons, the students do a
checkout to check their reading speed and accuracy. After completing 10 lessons, they do a mastery test.  Students in the group are  Cameran Jansky, Braden Capek, Briana Capek, Alivia Hartman, and Emma Olsen.


A crane removed the 35 year old dryer at the Exeter branch of the Farmer's Cooperative and replaced it with a new one at a cost of $800,000.  In the last year the Farmer's Cooperative has invested over $3 million in facilities at the Exeter Branch including the new storage tube. 


The Spanish I Class of 2010-11 at Exeter-Milligan has learned mucho (lots) of things this year. We have had fun while learning it too. In the first semester we learned about articles of clothing
in a fun way by having a fashion show where we described each other's clothes in Spanish. We've learned colors, numbers, common greetings and how to tell the location of a place. Most recently we've learned how to make traditional Pamiente bracelets (name of the bracelets in Guatemala) by tying a series of knots with yarn of multiple colors to create a one of a kind bracelet.


The York College Traveling Children’s Theatre made one of its 20 stops at schools and libraries in Exeter on Tuesday morning. The group of 13 students who have volunteer for the activity performed “Alice In Wonderland” adapted from the Lewis Carroll novel by William Glennon with a prologue written by YC drama professor John I. Baker III. One of the unique features of the production is the interaction with the audience. The Exeter-Milligan kindergarten through sixth graders laughed, helped point out the hidden items and asked questions at the end of the play.


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