Monday, December 7, 2020

Exeter-Milligan Update: Sixth Grade Class


6th Grade Newspaper Article


            The 6th graders at Exeter-Milligan are off to a great start this year! While this year has brought about some new challenges, I have really been pleased with the effort and resilience of every student. Throughout a typical school day, the students participate in lessons and activities in spelling, reading, math, language, science, social studies and writing. Roughly half of the subjects are taught in the morning, while the remaining subjects are covered in the afternoon. The 6th graders have learned a wide range of content thus far, including engineering, ancient history, geography, arithmetic, geometry, grammar, the writing process, and much more.

Students also regularly take part in physical education, art, band, choir, guidance, library, and keyboarding. Even though students are often busy learning many different academic skills, we are also focusing on developing many social and organizational skills that will help prepare them for the Junior High level. The sixth graders have also had the privilege of being involved in a few fun activities so far this year, such as Red Ribbon Week and homecoming festivities. As you can see from the pictures below, the students really enjoyed being able to dress up for homecoming week.

One of the students’ favorite assignments so far this year was to design a bicycle helmet model. The objective was for students to use the engineering design process to build a bicycle helmet that would protect an egg from breaking upon impact. Students were given specific criteria and constraints, and then provided time to plan, build, and test their prototype. Currently, students are using a similar process to design a model car to see which design can travel the farthest. This will be another class favorite!



Front – Logan Johnson, Ayden Floyd, Kaylie Schlueter, Cheyenne Krupicka, Sydney Engert

Back – Truman Milton, Cohen Harre, Adrein Mueller, RJ Clevenger, Brooklyn Oldehoeft,

Front – Cheyenne Krupicka, Sydney Engert, Kaylie Schlueter

Back – Truman Milton, Logan Johnson, Cohen Harre, Adrein Mueller, Brooklyn Oldehoeft

Front – Adrien Mueller, Sydney Engert, Cheyenne Krupicka, Kaylie Schlueter

Back – Logan Johnson, Truman Milton, Cohen Harre, Brooklyn Oldehoeft

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