Thursday, December 10, 2020

Exeter Installs New Village Board Members

 New Village Board members pose with Chairman Alan Michl after taking their oath of office.  From the left:  Kimberly Gloystein, Alan Michl and Bob Mueller


Exeter Village Board Chairman Alan Michl (middle) thanks the two retiring board members, Kathy Erdkamp (left) and Mitchell Schlegelmilch (right).


The Exeter Village Board met on Tuesday, December 8 across the hall in the Village Library to maintain a social distance.

After the bills and minutes were approved the board thanked Mitchell Schlegelmilch and Kathy Erdkamp for their years of serving on the board.  Chairman Alan Michl presented several gifts from the village to the retiring members.

Newly elected members Kimberly Gloystein and Bob Mueller along with reelected member Michl read the oath of office together.

Michl was nominated Chairman and unanimously elected and Justin Harre was nominated and unianimously elected Vice-Chairman.  The board approved the various committee appointments.

The board approved Resolution 20-05, the year-end certification of the street superintendent.

The board discussed the situation with the resident who has been notified to remove construction equipment that is parked illegally in town.  Based on advice from the village attorney the board will have to notify the landowner again before towing the equipment.

Village Marshal Sean Gray gave his report which include an overview of a possible contract with the city of Friend to provide more regular police coverage.

Gray shared with the board an outline of what the formal contract with Friend would look like and how it would benefit Exeter.  According to Gray, “Friend would take care of the payroll and administrative costs and in exchange Exeter would get a guaranteed number of hours of coverage.”

Gray added that the nuisance process would be streamlined with regular police hours. He noted that the plan included a third officer who would help patrol Exeter.

Michl responded, “We will have to pull some figures together and look at the outline.”

It was noted that the Friend officers only spent 150 hours in Exeter last year with a cost of just over $5000.

The board made no decision on the outline and Michl noted he would discuss the outline further with the Friend mayor.

The board moved on to Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller’s report.  Mueller noted that the new water meter system estimate was $16,000. “It’s to the point where we need to start replacing meters, too.”

The board discussed how a changeover would happen with billing and support and also briefly discussed water rates and a rate study. The board opted to do some investigating on the costs of the new system before making a decision.

Mueller reported that the bid for the new lawn mower was $16,100 with an additional $3800 for a deck.  There would be an allowance of $4000 for the trade in of the old mower.  The board voted to purchase the new mower.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported that sales tax for September was $16,658.95 and keno for October was $240.93

The board discussed the Salazar property where they have cleaned up the yard.  The current estimate for cleaning that will be assessed against the property owner is approximately $6000.  She reported that the property owner is open to selling the property.

In working on the audit, Erdkamp noted that city sales tax for the last fiscal year was $163,524.97.  Of that $135,881.64 went into the pool fund and $27,643.33 went into the street fund.  The amount deposited into the pool fund covered the pool bond principal and interest payments and the majority of the other expenses for the pool this year.   

The board set the next meeting for Tuesday, January 5.


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