Monday, August 24, 2020

Exeter-Milligan School Board Discuss Fillmore Central Feasibility Study


The Exeter-Milligan school board met on Wednesday, August  12th in the Milligan gymnasium. After Exeter-Milligan school board president Adam Erdkamp welcomed the three guests to the meeting, board member Kendra Jansky read the treasurer’s report.

The board approved the consensus agenda.

Erdkamp explained that a new item, a public comment period, was added to the agenda for each meeting. 

He noted that the board had received a letter from Friend Public Schools that reviewed all the current activites the two districts are combined on including FFA, football, and a science teacher.  Erdkamp added that the schools have aligned their calendars, they have been doing drivers ed together for 15 years along with community activities like trap shooting and elementary football.

The next agenda item was a review of the summer projects.  Sheffield reported that the plumbers were close to finishing the bathrooms.  “It doesn’t matter if it’s a large project or a small project.  They know when we start and they push to get it done.”

The board discussed the feasibility study with Fillmore Central.  Erdkamp noted that the he felt they should “make some priorities for what should be in the initial study.”

Although he noted that the team at Wayne State that completed the feasibility study with Friend are available the board would be “Ok to use the group Fillmore Central preferred as long as they can structure it so it’s a usable document for us.”

Sheffield spoke to the company (First National Capitol Markets) and they are willing to do some extras comparisons that the Exeter-Milligan board might be interested in.

Board member Kendra Oldenoeft added, “I think if we went back to Wayne State and wanted to compare something I am sure they would be willing to do that as well.”

The board decided to move forward with the study with Fillmore Central.

New business included a discussion on 2020-21 budget, approval of a transfer of funds to the depreciation fund which was included in the consensus section.

Sheffield explained that the transfer to replace the iPads and Laptops next year.  After financing through Apple the first time purchasing technology, Sheffield learned to put the unspent technology funds into the depreciation to finance the repurchase.

The 2020-21 budget will be posted on the school website when it is ready. Sheffield reported that tax asking has gone down by $200,000 in the general fund the last few years.  In the building fund the asking is down $675,000.

The board approved Tara Milton as a local substitute (Eric Milton abstained).

Next regular meeting will be September 9th in Exeter and will also be the budget hearing. Paul noted that next year the budget hearing will have to be a separate night from a regular board meeting due to a change in the law.


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