Thursday, April 16, 2020

Exeter Village Board Meets Via Conference Call

Exeter Village Board met by conference call on Tuesday night April 7th with all board members present.

Minutes and invoices were  approved as presented before Chairman Alan Michl invited village Clerk Becky Erdkamp to explain the local emergency declaration the village instituted.

“Upon the governor’s request and the Fillmore County emergency manager we filed this (emergency declaration) so that if we need items or can get assistance for protection equipment it will be in place.”

The board moved on to approve the lot split application from the Rathjens.   The county zoning board recommended approval of the split and the board voted to approve.

The board opened a hearing on Class D Liquor License for Greg’s Market.  Michl asked if there were any concerns and board members Mitch Schlegelmilch and Justin Harre abstained from the vote as they serve on Greg’s board. The board voted to recommend approval for the liquor license.

Clerk Erdkamp was contacted by financial advisor Brad Slaughter who encouraged the board to refinance the pool bond.  With interest rates lowering the board could save up to $36,000.  Clerk Erdkamp noted that this would be the last time the pool bond could be refinanced as there are only eight years left  on the bond.

The board was very positive about this opportunity, and approved inviting Slaughter to present the procedure to them at the May meeting and vote following.

There was no marshals report or maintenance report.  The board discussed getting the tree and grass pile ready for spring and changing out the downtown banners.

The board discussed the Exeter clean up days.  Schlegelmilch asked if they would continue with the event, “My only thought with changing it would be getting a shorter one. I am not opposed to sitting in the loader and dumping what people put it in the bucket.”

“We can make a decision a week before,” commented Michl, ”I think people would understand if we cancel.”

Clerk Erdkamp reported that sales tax for January was $7442.75 and keno for February was $342.63.  She didn’t have a quote from Kidwell on replacing the video surveillance system but she noted they would only save $2500 if they didn’t do the pool area.  “We can worry about that as things settle down,” she explained.

Erdkamp also explained that she has a conference call with the governor each week.  During these meetings the governor has said, “not to plan to open swimming pools and ball fields until the middle of July. The Governor will re-evaluate and give guidance to communities regarding pools sometime in May.”

She also offered to ask any questions the board has to the governor during their conference call as the governor has been very accommodating in answering all of the clerks questions.

Harre asked Erdkamp to email board members a summary of each weeks governors call to keep the board updated.

The board set the next meeting for Tuesday, May 5 at 7 p.m.

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