Monday, June 3, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Update: Mailboxes

As Bon Jovi says:
“There’s only one place left that I want to go,

This was the message the Exeter Area Community Foundation and the Exeter-Milligan School Foundation expressed to the 2019 graduates at Exeter-Milligan.  Each graduate received a personalized mailbox, reminding them that they will always have a home at Exeter-Milligan and are always part of the pack.  It may not be on the graduates radar now, but in five or ten years, when they have a family of their own and are looking for a place to raise that family, the hope is that little voice will be telling them, “Who says you can’t go home!”

Pictured front L-R: Joel Klemm, Kate Jansky, Macy Due, Peytan Brandt, Colton Bossaller, James Becker and Johnny Babula

Back row: Trever Zelenka, Katherine White, Blake Steuben, Mitchell Manning, Theron Odvody, Spencer Pribyl, and Josie Kresak.

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