Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Update: English and Journalism Classes

 Exeter-Milligan students Anna Sluka and Kate Pribyl read to one another for the reading buddy program.

A local news reporter interviewed seniors Johnny Babula, Colton Bossaller, and Spencer Pribyl about their involvement with the school’s podcast. 

Hello from the Exeter-Milligan 10-12 English and Journalism classroom!

We have been busy this semester with many new projects. One new activity that is happening in the English classroom this semester is a reading buddy program with the high school and elementary students. Once a month, the high school students read with the elementary students. The students take turns reading stories to one another, and it has been a positive experience for everyone involved! Students are paired with the same kids every time they meet, with the hope that friendships will develop between students of all ages at Exeter-Milligan.

The journalism class has been involved in a new project called “The T-Wolf Experience,” a podcast produced by the journalism students. Each of the journalism students has a designated role in the production of the podcast, including designing the graphic, writing the questions, interviewing the special guests, and editing the interviews. Our podcast is currently published on Anchor (a link can be found on the school’s social media platforms), Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. The journalism students were recently interviewed by a local news reporter about the great work they’ve done with their podcast. Listen to an episode of our podcast to hear students’ perspectives on events that are happening around our school!

Thanks for reading about our classroom, and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the semester!

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