Thursday, January 10, 2019

Village Board Passes Ordinance to Issue Bonds

After the minutes and invoices were approved the Exeter Village Board moved directly into the marshals report so that Officer Shawn Gray could get to another commitment.

Grey reported on the nuisance trash issue on Maplewood street.  “There were three attempts to deliver the certified notification.  The next move is to have someone clean it up and send a bill.  If the bill is not paid then a lien will be placed on the property.”

He also reported that he recently gave a ticket to an out of county individual who was at an Exeter park. After asking permission to search the vehicle he ticketed them for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He explained his recent absence, “I feel like I have neglected you guys as I am the only guy in Friend right now.”

Chairman Alan Michl confirmed that Marshal Mark McFarland will continue as the marshal in Exeter and that Gray would work under him.

The board transitioned back to the agenda with JEO project manager Andrew Wilshusen approaching the board.  He reported on the final pay application for the downtown improvements and confirmed that some of the funds would be retained until the construction companies have completed all of the punch items.

Wilshusen stated that the total cost of the downtown project was $847,697.39 and the street project final number was $1,453,419.12.

Michl commented, “I appreciate this  report.  We haven’t ever had the numbers as clear as you presented. . .When all is said and done we were pretty close to our original numbers. “
The board approved the final payoff.

Next on the agenda was Ameritas representative  Brad Slaughter.  He explained the information on the bonding process as he presented the financial information.  

He then reviewed how the $2.28 million bond will be distributed explaining fees and required costs.  He also shared how the payment schedule will work.  The existing paving project will be paid for in June of 2019 and the new project payments will start in February of 2020.

Slaughter commented that the rate will end up between 3.25 and 3.3 percent.  “Rates have come back down and we will lock them in after you take action tonight. The timing of the project has helped.  You will save between $60,000 and $70,000 in interest savings because of the timing.  There are a lot things that have lined up and been beneficial for the project.

“ With the bonding and everything we were dead on but there were no surprises,” commented  Michl,  “All in all on a project of this scope it was right on.”

The board passed Resolution 19-01, the Street Improvement Bond Anticipation Notes which was for the construction and Michl noted this will reimburse the village for the initial engineering fees they incurred.

Next the board reviewed Ordinance 595, Issuance of General Obligation Bonds. The board waived the required three readings and approved the ordinance.

The board discussed the one and six year road reports.  Board member Justin Harre asked about Lincoln Avenue which was noted on the report.  Michl identified it as the street on the east edge of town which was added during the construction that the board decided to make a permanent addition.  He noted that Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller has been removing some trees so that the street can be widened to meet the street width requirements.

The board made no additions or deletions to the road report.

The board approved a lien against the property of Joseph and Linda Snyder.  The village has shredded their property three times at a cost of $250 each time.  The final bill was sent registered but they have not responded.  The board passed Resolution 19-02 for the mowing lien of $750.

The board discussed a large pine tree on Highway 6 near Burlington Avenue that is impeding a clear sight line for traffic turning onto Highway 6.  Clerk Becky Erdkmap reported that Mueller confirmed that the tree is on the state right of way.  Board members Harre and Mitch Schlegelmilch noted that the tree is close to the power line.  Erdkamp passed along Mueller’s recommendation that they contact the State.  Erdkamp will also contact the landowner.

Also on the agenda was a discussion for placing stop signs along Union Ave.  Harre reported that he had been contacted about placing more stop signs and he asked about placing them on the east and west streets.

Schlegelmilch asked about placing a few signs on Union to slow traffic going north and south.
Michl responded quickly, “I would have an issue with that.  Flow is one of those important things. . . We have to be certain about stop signs.  It’s very difficult to remove a stop sign once it is put into place.”

After continued discussion the board decided to leave things as they were and ask the residents to come into the office or write a letter with the request for stop signs.

The Board discussed who will be attending the League Mid-Winter Conference.

Michl reported that Mueller has been working on Lincoln avenue along with grading the gravel streets.  He added that one of the shades at the pool was ripped in the windstorm and preferred to replace both shades at the same time.

Michl added that the board would be reviewing pool manager and lifeguard applications in February.
Clerk Erdkamp noted that October sales tax was $8500.21 sales  and November Keno was $413.61 keno

The board approved new Library Board member Rhonda Maxson. Michl encouraged the board to tour the changes in the library as he was very impressed.  He also reminded the board they were invited to the annual fire meeting on Wed, Jan. 9 at 6 p.m.

The board set the next meeting for Monday, Feb. 4.

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