Sunday, November 18, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: Espanola

Brock Steuben and Casey Jindra

EspaƱola at Exeter-Milligan
By Lisa Ricenbaw, E-M Spanish Instructor

Exeter-Milligan Spanish 3 student Alexis Turrubiates learned about the significance of mask making in the Hispanic culture. Masks were used in rituals and religious ceremonies. They were also used as a way to mock their Spanish oppressors during festivals. They are often made of wood, clay or metal and adorned with jewels and feathers. Alexis made her beautiful mask with paint, feathers and sequins.
(picture is alexis-mask)

Exeter-Milligan Spanish 1 students learned about the Huichol tribe in Mexico and the unique art they create using yarn, beads and wax. They created their own masks using yarn and glue.


Daisy Kanode, Georgia Meyer and Jaiden Papik

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