Saturday, December 1, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: Sixth Grade News Update

6th Grade News Update
by Treven Cerveny, Exeter-Milligan 6th Grade Teacher

            The 6th graders at Exeter-Milligan are doing so many great things in the classroom this year! More specifically, the students have excelled in using technology. In our school, each child in the elementary is equipped with an iPad to use in the classroom. As a result, we spend time every day using these iPads to increase the level of student engagement. One specific app that the students are using more frequently in my classroom, is the Canvas app. Once students open the app on their iPads, they then choose the subject and assignment that they are to complete for the day. This includes activities such as reading a passage, watching a video, practicing a specific skill, answering questions, playing a game, or completing a project. Once students have completed the assignment and turned it in, they are able to receive feedback almost immediately. Not only does this help students to better understand the curriculum being taught in the classroom, but it also prepares them for the future. Canvas is a tool that students use in our high school and many colleges have implemented it as well. Technology has been a fun and engaging tool for our classroom!

Pictured are Carter Milton, Liberty Johnson, Jayden Capek and Aidan Vavra 

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