Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Exeter Village Board Discusses Budget

The Exeter Village board opened their monthly meeting with a budget hearing. Chairman Alan Michl informed the audience that the levy did not increase because the valuation did not increase.

“There was about a $400,000 decrease (in valuations) but next year I’m guessing that it will be about a million dollar increase.”

He added that the audit looks a little off because the village still has an outstanding construction loan that will be repaid by the bonds when they are issued for the work being done around town.

With no comments from the audience, the board adjourned and opened a hearing to set the final budget.

The board discussed raising the levy by about 3.5% as they had last year. ”This is basically the same as we increased it last year.  We use the valuation to set our limits,” Michl explained.

The board approved resolution 18-06 which allowed for the levy to increase to the 3.5%. The board moved into their regular meeting agenda.  They approved two sets of minutes from August 7th and 28th along with the invoices.

Andrew Wilshusen from JEO gave the board an update and summary of projects.  He noted that there were two payouts for downtown and streets to be approved and, “I would assume next month we would get close to a final. . .there may be a few change orders to add and deduct.”

Wilshuesen continued to report explaining that he had the East Boundary paving certificate of completion and that paving would be complete that week on Burlington.  He expected that the street projects would be done soon.  They had also done a walk-through of downtown and listed a few minor touch up items that would need to be taken care of along with the clean-up.

Wilshusen had a few of the broken flagpole holders from the new light poles.  He is going to talk to the manufacturer about the issue.

Michl added that they decided to replace the sidewalk in front of the old fitness center which will be a change order.

The board approved the payouts for Werner Construction for $282,634.83 and Van Kirk for $181,822.60 along with the certificate of completion for East boundary.

Lynette Trauger, the new Exeter librarian thanked the board for the approving her hiring. She reported she is cleaning and changing a lot of things in the library.  The library board met and is putting out a survey for patrons along with the new hours.  They have a goal for Storybook Park renovation to be completed by next spring.

Trauger also reported that she recently met with the Southeast Library Commission and has a plan for certification along with working on filing an extension for accreditation.

Resident Kenny Harre was on the agenda next to visit with the board about a new commercial building he would like to build near the sewer plant.  He wanted to make sure the board would support him in the endeavor before proceeding with permits.

“I know there are lots (platted) out there and it shouldn’t be any concern but I wanted to make certain,” Harre stated.

The board had no reservations about Harre’s planned addition to the community.

The board approved replacing the front door to the office as the door glass was cracked.  They also approved a request from the Fillmore County Development Corporation for $1700 in funding.

Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller reported that the pool needs painted from the three foot area to the deep end. He also plans to replace all the signs that were removed for construction.

He added that during a recent heavy rain a hole opened up in the Horizontal Boring pipe yard that revealed that the storm sewer had been destroyed. It was adjacent to a power pole that had been installed by Horizontal.  Van Kirk repaired that storm sewer at a cost of $2947.50 and Mueller asked the board who should pay the bill.

“We had to have it fixed.  It’s not like you could leave it open,” explained Mueller.

The board decided to send a letter to Perennial and Horizontal about the bill.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported that June sales tax was $8782.08 and July Keno was $450.67.  She reported that she and Michl would be attending the annual conference.

Before the board entered executive session to discuss pay raises Clerk Erdkamp noted that she has not been compensated for attending and working at village board meetings for the last 11 years, nor has Mueller.  “I’d like to ask that we get paid for meetings from here on out.”  

The board entered executive session and came back out at 8:15 to give Mueller, Erdkamp, Sharon Cudaback and Keith Mathiesen a three percent raise and an additional  $500.00 compensation to Erdkamp and Mueller for past attendance at board meetings.  The board also announced that Erdkamp and Mueller will be compensated for time spent at board meetings in the future.

The next meeting was scheduled for October 2.

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