Friday, September 21, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Friend Coop Featured in Commercial

Camera crews mingled with the crowd at the first ever EMF Bobcats pep rally on Friday, September 14th in Friend.
Several of the senior boys spoke at the EMF Bobcat pep rally.  Slater Wells took his turn at the microphone.  Behind him from the left are from the left Dawson Logan, Nick Hayek, Spencer Pribyl, Wells, Colton Bossaller, Max Zeleny (not visible), Trever Zelenak (behind), Edwen Baptista, Johnny Babula and Mitchell Manning.

Camera crews filmed every aspect of preparation for a football game including Assistant Coach Clayton Moore handing a sack lunch to Kole Svec.

The camera crews filmed a shot with the combined group of the Friend dance team and the Exeter-Milligan cheerleaders.

If you were in Exeter, Milligan or Friend this past week you might have seen an unusual sight, camera crews and unusual vehicles downtown and in the schools.

No, there is not a new reality show being filled in small town Nebraska.  Instead, Farmers Mutual Insurance Company has decided to feature the three communities combining to make one football team.

They recognized the challenges of bringing two schools together, especially former rivals on the football field. Exeter-Milligan Superintendent Paul Sheffield commented, “It’s all about brining communities together and how sports can do that.”

It hasn’t exactly been a cake walk to get all of the shots they were hoping for but, according to Sheffield, it has given Exeter-Milligan students a glimpse at the glamour of TV.

“It’s been awesome.  We did have one girl who thought it would be fun to be in a reality show until she saw how much work went into just the commercial.”

The camera crew has filmed in each of the communities highlighting all of the aspects of them coming together and making everything happen for the team.  From making the lunches before each game to loading equipment on the buses the camera crew has been there.

On Friday afternoon all of the Exeter-Milligan 7th – 12th graders along with the teachers came over to Friend and had a pep rally for the upcoming Friday night game against Thayer Central.  The film crew didn’t direct the pep rally but filmed every aspect of it, from all of the students entering the gym, the band playing and the dance team and cheerleaders performing, down to the football players loading on the bus and leaving the school.

The Exeter-Milligan and Friend bands played together, the dance team performed, the cheerleaders pumped up the crowd and the football team spoke.  There was a rock, paper, scissors contest with each student 7th-12th participating with the senior class winning. 

Slater Wells, a senior on the football team, summed up their experience so far, “We began this journey together in eighth grade and it’s worked out pretty well.  We’re pretty good together.”

Friend Superintendent Kraus was very positive about the experience, “We know we need to give our kids the best and to give them the opportunities to succeed.  We need to pool our resources to make it the very best for our students.”

The commercial, which was filmed by an ad agency out of Omaha, will be broadcast during the televised NSAA championships on NET during the 2018-1029 season.

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