Friday, August 17, 2018

Exeter Village Board Hears from Organizations

The Exeter Village Board called their meeting to order at 7:12 on Tuesday, August 7 after the board members assessed an situation with the water tower.  Chairman Alan Michl returned noting that the water tower was overflowing and made a call to a local well contractor in the absence of Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller.

The board quickly reviewed the minutes from the last regular meeting along with the emergency meeting and  approved the invoices from the last month as well.

Fillmore County Senior Services Advisor Brenda Motis gave a review of the last year’s activities at the Exeter Senior Center which included a solar eclipse party, their ongoing partnership with the Exeter-Milligan school district and celebrating 20 years in existence.  

She reported they are “constantly trying to find new and creative ways for people to come and enjoy the center.” 

Motis also shared a budget report and the information she will present to the county board.  She noted that the Exeter Senior Center plans to paint the inside and outside of their building.  In addition she presented a new meal program that senior citizens can subscribe to which is delivered by Fed Ex to their home called Mom’s meals.  They are fresh packed and just need to be microwaved.

The county program pays the company then sends out a statement to the patron.  Any person over the age of 60 cannot be charged but are asked for a suggested contribution.  Motis emphasized that “No one will ever be denied a meal.  I’m not saying we can serve everybody.  People would not be denied for their inability to pay.”

Patt Lentfer executive director of the Fillmore County Development Corporation gave a presentation.  She noted the corporation has been in existence for 29 years and shared information on commercial properties for sale in the county, highlighted the business in the community and explained what the FCDC can help businesses with.

Some of the upcoming events FCDC is involved with include an electronic recycling in Geneva on Friday Sept. 21 and tire recycling on Oct. 26.

Andrew Wilshusen of JEO gave an update on the construction project.  He reported that they had poured two blocks on the north side of East Boundary which they will finish in the next couple of weeks. “It is going as planned but a few things have slowed them down a couple of days.”
He noted that they will go to River or Burlington next.

Michl added, “We looked at the contract and they are ahead on everything.  September 10th is the deadline for downtown.”

The board approved two payouts on the construction for $259,433.51 with one to Werner Construction for $259,433.51 and the other to Van Kirk Construction for $129,806.52.

Wilshusen presented the certificate of substantial completion of Union Avenue dated July 9 which is when the one year warranty.  The board approved the certificate.
After confirming that the grass in the construction area will be replanted after August 15 Wilshusen reminded the board that the final payments for all of the projects won’t be made until next spring.
Michl had nothing for the Marshal’s report but gave the maintenance report in the absence of Mueller.  In addition to monitoring the street construction Mueller has sprayed four or five times for mosquitoes but is having issues with the fogger.
Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported that residents who were sent mowing letters have mowed or the village has mowed and billed the residents. Sales tax for May was  $9715.13 and Keno for June was $702.59.  Erdkamp reported she continues to work on the budget for next year.
Rachel Vossler, an Exeter resident, came to the meeting to voice her concern about some issues at the pool.  After passing out a letter explaining her specific issues she said, “I know there isn’t a lot you can do but I need you to be aware of it.”
Michl responded,  “I appreciate what Rachel has to say but I don’t want to discourage anyone from applying.  I want to be clear they don’t have to be in the chair.”
The Board held a lengthy discussion on several issues that Vossler raised in regards to the pool and lifeguards but made no specific decisions with the pool closing at the end of the week.
The next village board meeting was set for Wednesday, September 12th.

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