Saturday, May 5, 2018

Exeter Village Board Meets, Approves New Ordinance

by Leesa K. Bartu

The Exeter Village Board met on Wednesday,  May 2, with board member Justin Harre absent.  After the minutes and the invoices were approved, the board opened a hearing on Ordinance 593.

The ordinance deals with the height on accessory buildings in the community.  Chairman Alan Michl explained that Exeter would be joining the other communities in the county if they raise the height to the proposed 25 foot peak with 17 foot sidewalls.

After the hearing was closed the board approved the ordinance.

The board approve a bid of $2715 from Stark Data to add a new camera to the front of the building and replace another camera downtown.  Stark Data also gave a bid to add wifi at the pool and fix the wifi at the fire hall for $2931.  The board accepted the portion of the bid to fix the firehall wifi for $152.62 and decided to wait on adding it to the pool.

The board invited Fillmore County Development Corporation executive director Patt Lentfer to share about loans available in the county.

Lentfer explained that FCDC has a small revolving loan for small business.  She noted that a small business can borrow up to 40% of the project with 10% down.  The interest rate would be half of what the bank would charge.

“The money can be used for a lot of different options including job training, operating capitol, a building for a business or purchasing a business,” Lentfer clarified.

Lentfer also shared that there is a list of local loans available on their website.  She also explained the usefulness of tax increment financing, “It’s a hot topic in the legislature right now. . .it’s been very beneficial in our community.”

She suggested the board do a survey to put the village in a position to accept TIF funds in the future.  Lentfer left information with the board on starting the process.

Michl noted that there was one change order for the downtown project with a $11,502 price tag.  “It was an item that was in the scope and wasn’t in the bid.  They need to inspect the connections downtown and replace if needed where the water goes into the main. John figured there would be about 25 inspections.”  

The board approved this change order on the construction.

Michl also noted that there will be one more small change order.  The water lines are being installed by directional boring and the location they dug up to start was contaminated with oil or fuel from long ago.  Van Kirk construction will have to change from pvc pipe which would deteriorate in the soil with fuel to cast iron pipe.  The cost will be around $1800.

The board did not approve this as the change order has not be presented, yet.  

Michl also noted that he and John Mueller have looked at redoing the cement in front of the fire hall during construction because the cost of the cement is discounted with the project.  He explained that if they do decide to do the concrete work it cannot be part of the bond and will be taken out of the funds the village has already paid in.

The board briefly discussed what to do with the old light poles that have been removed. They opted to sell them for $50 each and interested parties will contact Mueller.

Under the maintenance report the board discussed the damage to the glass front door. The board decided to look into more energy efficient options.

Board discussed nuisance property letters that were sent out by the marshal.  Clerk Becky Erdkamp has gotten calls and asked the board for guidance in the process.

Board member Tim Wilbeck responded, “I think we need to give them a reasonable time limit. Tear it down, fix it up, do something with it.”

The board talked about offering incentive funds for tearing down nuisance properties.  “This would help offset some of those costs incurred by property owners,” explained Michl. “They can come to the board meeting and bring a plan.”

The board heard an update on the lifeguard’s certification.

Clerk Erdkamp reported that sales tax for February was $15,813.36 and Keno for March was $1020.99. She reported that she is working on the annual insurance audit and swimming lessons will be held from May 30 – June 8.

The board set the next meeting for Tuesday, June 5.

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