Sunday, March 25, 2018

NFL Player Speaks to Exeter-Milligan Students

Above -  Scott Shanle is introduced to the Exeter-Milligan student body by Hannah Horne.

Below -Scott Shanle is surrounded by Exeter-Milligan students even after they had the opportunity for a question and answer period. They “might” have wanted to see his super bowl ring?


Seeing a Super Bowl ring up close and personnel was a thrill for Exeter-Milligan students.

Scott Shanle, a St. Edward, Neb. graduate walked on at the University of Nebraska before earning a scholarship to play for the University. After graduating, he went on to play in the NFL for the St. Louis Rams, the Dallas Cowboys and for the Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saints.

Wearing an Exeter-Milligan sweatshirt he was given the last time he spoke in Exeter, Shanle explained that he wears it regularly, “Of all of the speeches I’ve done I remember you more than any other.  I remember your compassion. You are everything a small town Nebraska should be about.”

Although he planned to talk about his football experience, “My story is not so much about sports but about the things you will face.  There will be obstacles along the way but you need goals.  Keywords are goals, perseverance and obstacles.”

Shanle talked about some of the obstacles he faced as he dreamed of a football scholarship to Nebraska.  

One of the most important factors he learned was “trying to have a positive attitude during adversity which helped me get to the next step.”

This was especially difficult as he entered the NFL and eventually found himself picked up by the two teams he never wanted to play for, Dallas and New Orleans.

He shared about a special moment during the Super Bowl when he realized his team was going to win, “I saw all of my football moments playing through my head and I realized that moment would have never happened if I hadn’t made it through adversity.”

He encouraged the Exeter-Milligan students to set goals even though they won’t meet them all.  “You have to be ok with failure.”

He told the students there are three types of people, those who want, who wish and who make it happen.

Shanle encouraged the students to find their passion in life.  They may not recognize it now, but find something they like to do.

He also explained that he continues to write goals for himself as his career continues to change.  Even though he has left the professional football field behind, he continues to be involved as a TV analyst for the Saints. 

He reminded them to remember, “You are still writing your story. . .times will get tough.  Have a positive attitude.”

The students were given an open question and answer time and spent over twenty minutes asking him everything from what his favorite color was to his opinion on Nebraska Coach Scott Frost.

He was asked if he had any advice for graduating seniors, “It’s going to be scary whatever you do.  There will be uneasiness and it will be uncomfortable.  Get through those moments and stay positive.  That moment exists.” 

The students asked him where he enjoyed playing football the most, “In high school.  That was the most pure form of football without politics or business involved.”

He would love to move his family back to Nebraska and contribute to the Nebraska coaching staff in the opportunity arose.

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