Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Update: English and Journalism

 Freshman Clint Oldehoeft, junior Macy Due, and freshman Jaiden Papik (left to right) work on digitizing images and collecting information about pictures collected for the History Harvest project. The students recently visited the Exeter Senior Center to collect pictures from community members for the project.

 Juniors designed posters about concepts relevant to their reading of The Jungle and presented them to the class. 

Greetings from the Exeter-Milligan 10-12 English and Journalism classroom!
By Ashley Stutzman, Language Arts Instructor

This semester, we have been busy in our English courses. Each grade has participated in a novel study, and we have been busy learning new vocabulary words and reviewing grammar concepts. In 10th grade, students read the novel Frankenstein, seniors read the novel Ender’s Game, and juniors are currently working on the novel The Jungle. With each new story comes new ideas, thoughts, and reflective moments, and it’s always interesting to hear what the students have to share in class!

The journalism girls have been troopers this semester as we have been coming up with new ideas to share news around the school and throughout our social media channels. The journalism girls write a large number of the posts on the school’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. They also write a newsletter each week, which features a student of the week, faculty member of the week, upcoming events, jokes submitted by elementary students, and wellness tips to help students make healthy choices.

Another project that the journalism students have been involved in is the History Harvest project, which is being led by Mr. Brian Murphy. This is an exciting project that allows community members to submit old pictures to us so that we can digitize the photos. Eventually, we hope to have a website that contains the digitized images and stories of the origins of each of the pictures.

Thank you for reading about our classroom! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break with family and friends!

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