Friday, September 22, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten Starts the Year Off Right

 The Exeter-Milligan kindergarten class front row from the left:  Lillian Koehler, Lynn Jurgensen, Hadley Kahler, and Gracelyn Becker.  Back row from the left are Axel Erdkamp, Liam Capek, Crosby Oldehoeft and Archer Kanode.  Piper Grummons is not pictured.

The Exeter-Milligan kindergarten class is a busy place. They are just starting their educational career and have been learning to blend sounds in reading and along with that they are writing letters in their handwriting lessons.  

Moving on from writing letters, they recently authored a book, “What did the kindergarteners wear?”  They will each take home a copy of their book to share with their families.

Currently, Mrs. Melanie Papik is substituting for their regular teacher Mrs. Judy Kassik, who hopes to return next semester as she regains her strength from an illness.  

In Science, the students are learning about the parts of plants and what makes plants grow.  In Social Studies, the class is learning about social groups like families and homes along with learning how to be helpers and the school rules.

Math is a fun class as the students are just learning to count and write their numbers but are also using manipulatives like pattern blocks and teddy bears to enhance their education.

Each Exeter-Milligan kindergartener has an iPad to use in the classroom to learn about technology and practice other skills as well.


  The Exeter-Milligan kindergarten class made color name signs to decorate their classroom.
  Can’t remember what the weather was in Exeter last week?  Just call the Exeter-Milligan kindergarten class, they keep a record of the weather every day.

 The leader for the day, Axel Erdkamp, points out on the calendar the correct day, month and year for the rest of the class as part of their morning routine.
 Hadley Kahler is focused on her iPad during Core 5 time.
 When it was time for Core 5 everyone was excited.  They quickly got out their headphones and fired up their iPads for learning.
Archer Kanode focuses on his screen pondering his choices during Core 5.

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