Sunday, December 17, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Elementary Christmas Program

The Exeter-Milligan TYKE Preschool class sang “Ring The Bells,” and had a great time ringing their bells along with the song.  In the front row, from the left pictured are:  Knox Becker, Liam Reynolds, Archer Engert, Kenan Petersen, Easton Schlegelmilch, and Layne Zelenka.  Back row from the left are:  Saydee Kassik, Maizy Ogren, Anton Classen, Brooklyn Lawson, Braxton Harre, Tommy Kallhoff, Reed Wince, Landri Johnson and Kolt Songster.

11 –

Above and below -  The Kindergarten, First and Second graders sing about sleeping in their beds when Santa surprises them and smashes their bed.  During the song they ask how much Santa weighs.

The Exeter-Milligan third through sixth grade classes performed “Shapin’ Up Santa,” about the issues with Santa’s weight gain especially when it comes to getting stuck in chimney’s.  Hughie, Santa’s head elf (Andrew Vavra), takes off Santa’s hat to reveal another hiding spot for treats.  Santa (Troy Kallhoff) and Mrs. Santa (Kierra Papik)have to figure out how to change Santa’s ways.
Above and below - Doritos in the dollhouse, cookies in the car seat and twinkies were found under Santa's hat.
 Betty (Savana Krupicka) from Betty Body's Health Haven gets ready to give Santa a plan for his stay in her weight loss clinic.

Hughie (Andrew Vavra), Santa’s head elf and enabler, brings Santa (Troy Kallhoff) pizza and twinkies when he is enrolled in Betty Body’s Health Haven.

The Exeter-Milligan third through sixth graders sing about love at Christmas.

The Exeter-Milligan elementary students held their Kindergarten through sixth grade Christmas program on Thursday, December 14 in the Exeter gymnasium.

The evening opened with the third and fourth graders performing “O Whacky Christmas Tree” on their boomwhackers.  Fifth grade was up next performing as a band, “First Christmas March.”  They were then joined by the sixth grade band to present “Christmas Cheer.”

The final band number was “A Dash of Christmas,” by the sixth grade band.

The audience attention was directed to the stage where the TYKE preschool students performed “Ring the Bells,” “Snowman Song,” and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”  

Next on the stage were the Kindergarten, first and second graders who thrilled the crowd were their adorable renditions of “I Want To Be An Elf,” “Must Be Santa,” “Red and Green,” “Decorate the Tree,” and “Santa Claus, Santa Claus.”

The third through sixth grade performed the musical, “Shapin’ Up Santa” which was the story of Santa’s trial and error to get fit after his belly got stuck in someone’s chimney on Christmas Eve.

Mrs. Santa (Kierra Papik) encourages Santa (Troy Kallhoff) to enroll in Betty Body’s Health Haven but his attempts are sabotaged by his enabler elf, “Hughie,” played by Andrew Vavra.

Hughie first reveals all of Santa’s hiding spots for food but then when Santa is enrolled at the very strict fitness camp, he brings Santa pizza and goodies.  Finally they all realize that being skinny isn’t what it is all about.  The moral that the elves and the Claus’ learn along with the fitness students is, as they sing, “Love is What It’s Really All About.”

Students and their families and guests were invited to a Christmas tea in the commons after the program.

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