Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Update: Outdoor Ed Day

Outdoor Ed Day at Exeter-Milligan
By Lorie Sliefert, E-M Science Instructor

On September 29th, the Exeter-Milligan Biology II and Zoology classes taught the 2nd graders about the outdoors.  They had several different centers that the older students were in charge of, to teach the younger students about things like, the water cycle, trees, birds, insects, and recycling.  Students made several things at these activities like rain sticks, an ocean in the bottle, and wind vanes.  Pictured are the students working at the rain stick station, on their journal entries and the large rain stick that was a demo for the smaller version that they made. 

Pictured above: Seth Maxson (#10) watches Braxton Saatmann hold onto the rain stick while Blake Steuben helps the other 2nd graders on their journals.

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