Friday, November 3, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Update: Fifth Grade News Telecare

5th Grade News at Exeter-Milligan
by Brooke Soukup, 5th grade teacher

On October 16th, Beth Vavra helped the fifth grade class host a breakfast with the senior citizens on our Telecare list.  For Telecare, the students take turns each week making phone calls every morning to see if they need anything.  The students were able to serve juice and donuts and were also able talk to them about their experiences in school.

Front L-R: Diane Zeleny, Dorothy Stych, Merle Buzek, and Alma Placek
Middle L-R: Kierra Papik, Khloe Moran, Emma Meyer, Carter Milton, Landen Soice
Back L-R: Jayden Capek, Joleen Vossler, Ayla Kahler, Aidan Vavra, Michael Bartu, Liberty Johnson

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