Saturday, July 15, 2017

Exeter History: World War I Honor Roll Billboard

This billboard was placed between downtown buildings in 1918 in Exeter.  It honored the men from Exeter who served their country in World War I.  Photo is courtesy of the Exeter Public Library

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Neal Durham said...

Thank you so very much for posting the Honor Roll of men who served in WWI from Exeter. I found the name of my G-Uncle Ray Bivens. He married my G-Aunt Mabel Hyatt. The Hyatts were from Fairmont during the 1920s, along with the Lutz and Schafers. I was in Fairmont and Exeter in October of 2018. My wife and I had been visiting our son in Ohio and decided to take a detour off the interstate to see what Fairmont and Exeter were like. Quite an awakening. Size of each town and still dirt streets. We live in a farm community here in Marsing, Idaho and this past year, the population reached 1,000. One gas station and one grocery store. I have all of my G-Grandfathers journals from 1909 - 1929. It is all about Fairmont, Exeter, Geneva and the life at that time. Again, thank you for posting.