Saturday, April 29, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Update: Poetry Month

Poetry from Prose
Rhoda Wahl – ELA 7-12

Junior High students at Exeter-Milligan High School are celebrating Poetry Month (April) by writing poems about novels they are reading. Students are discovering new ways to think critically and creatively by sharing elements of a story in poetic verse instead of prosaic paragraphs.  As you read their poetry, think of your favorite story, or one that you’ve read recently. What kind of poem would you write?

Portrait Poem from Game Changers by Mike Lupica.

I am Ben
Son of Beth
Who needs to be QB
Who sees his park
Who loves Lilly
Who hates sawn
Who fears his coach
Who dreams of throwing 170ft
Who has found poems of football
Resident of Rockwell
(by Casey Underwood)
Found poem about the setting from At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks.

New York City
There’s a big city
That city is called New York
In this city,
You may see lots of people,
Lots of traffic,
Cars, buildings, houses
And many more
You may hear horns honking
People talking and laughing
There are some nice, beautiful parts of New York,
But there are also the bad.
It is crowding
And sometimes very loud
But all together
It is still an interesting place to be in.
(by Natalie Staskal)

Diamante poem about a conflict from The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher.

 (Character vs Society)
Scared, Alone
Running, Hiding, Fighting
Police, Damon, Ashlee, Bunker
Worries, Hesitates, Struggles
Tired, Confused
(by Cameran Jansky)

List poem about the plot line from I hadn’t meant to tell you this by Jacqueline Woodson

Things that happen to Marie
Grew up in a black town
Made friends lost her
Mom dad is single
Got a white friend named Lena
Tries to see Lena’s dad
(by Casey Jindra)

Pictured are L-R: Casey Jindra, Cameran Jansky, Casey Underwood and Natalie Staskal

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