Monday, February 27, 2017

FCDC Holds Annual Meeting

Picture L to R
Brandy VanDeWalle, Marcus Ruhl, Eric Kamler, Bart Brinkman, Bryce Kassik, Ann Jansky, Amie Underwood, Amanda Schropfer, Don Bristol, Megan Williams, Nate Hughes, new board members - Jaminson Jensen, Jeff Spiehs, not pictured-Derek Betka.

FCDC Holds 2017 Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Fillmore County Development was held at Gary’s Brickhouse Grille in Grafton.  The evening started with FCDC hosting a social gathering with complimentary Hors d’oeuvres.

Eric Kamler, President of the Fillmore County Development Corporation welcomed everyone to the 2017 annual meeting. He then introduced special guests, Sarah Skinner, Constituent Services & Outreach Representative from Senator Deb Fischer’s office and Jerad Reimers, Community Liaison from Senator Adrian Smith’s office, who then read a letter from Congressman Smith.  Fillmore County officials were recognized as well.  Kamler gave an overview of his time of serving on the FCDC Board of Directors

Eric Kamler called the Annual Meeting to order.  The minutes of the 2016 annual meeting were approved as well as the proposed budget for 2017.

Derek Betka of Fairmont, Jamison Jensen of Fairmont, and Jeff Spiehs of Milligan were elected as new Board of Directors of the FCDC to serve four year terms. 

Eric Kamler recognized and thanked the 2016 FCDC members for their investment and support. He also recognized the FCDC Board members:  Bart Brinkman, Don Bristol, Ann Jansky, Amanda Haumont, Nate Hughes, Bryce Kassik, Marcus Ruhl, Amie Underwood, and Brandy VanDeWalle and Megan Williams. Ann Jansky and Amanda Schropfer were recognized as they will be going off the board after serving a four-year term.

Patt Lentfer, Executive Director, thanked the FCDC investors, Board members, and committee members. Business growth and new businesses in the County continued in 2016. She talked about FCDC believing in their Vision Statement and working tirelessly to achieve the most dynamic business climate in Fillmore County. This is not an easy task but there is lots of cooperation between public and private entities. So even though there are challenges there are also opportunities.

After the meeting adjourned, Sue Bauman “Laura Landon”, a local author, told her story writing 27 books and how the books have gotten published.  She has now sold over one million books. Gary Kudlacek, the owner of Gary’s Brickhouse Grille along with his wife, gave a short history of Gary’s Brickhouse Grille.

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