Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Exeter Village Board Meets Approves Loan

By Leesa K. Bartu

The Exeter Village Board met on Tuesday, July 6 with a very short agenda.  After approving the minutes from the June meeting, the board reviewed the invoices. Chairman Alan Michl noted that the asbestos removal bill was lower than the $4400 estimate after Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller protested the bill due to the lack of asbestos found in the building.

Digging right in, the board approved the replatting of lots for Brian Murphy in the H.G. Smith addition of the village. Board member Kathy Erdkamp broached the subject of the responsibility of the village in regards to sewer and water access if the event that the lots are sold and the new owners want to build homes.  Michl noted that the village usually assists the homeowner with water to their lot but the homeowner is responsible for the sewer. He also informed the board that water is already in front of the two lots.

The board fielded a request from a community member for handicap parking stalls at the swimming pool.  The board discussed the requirements for handicap parking and approved the request but decided to leave the actual location at the pool up to Mueller.

The board approved  Resolution 16-04 a collateral loan to remove the tag factory for the amount of $170,000.00 Michl noted that the loan included the demolition along with the asbestos removal.  The note is for ten years with no pre-pay penalties.

There was no Marshals report. 

The maintenance supervisors report included an update on the recent water main break and subsequent boil water notice. Mueller reported that all was repaired with a great deal of assistance from community member Tom Husa.  Michl and Clerk Becky Erdkamp have been researching the legal reimbursement of temporary employees in an emergency situation for meals and expenses.  Husa refused payment.

The board discussed purchasing a bucket for the loader for out at the tree pile that would assist in sifting through the burnt ash.  Mueller found a used one for $6500. Board discussed the options and decided to table the item.  Mueller will get more information on it to present to the board.

The board discussed precautionary measures in blocking off the demolition areas especially the building next to the village office.  They also discussed the possibility of purchasing the concrete barriers brought in by Pankoke to put behind the gravel pile to assist in loading the gravel. 

Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported that sales tax for April was 25,294.37 with the majority of the money coming from car sales tax proceeds.  She also reported that keno for May was 338.27. She, along with Michl, Vice Chair Tim Wilbeck, and Mueller met with JEO Engineering to discuss the paving on East Boundary on the truck route.

Michl noted that they were “Throwing around the idea of doing some additional paving three or four years down the road.  We have some bonds that will be retiring so we want to redo those." 

Included in the discussion with JEO was the possibility of revitalization downtown including new street lights downtown and some infrastructure issues.  “This isn’t going to happen overnight, we are going to look at funding too and it could be in the next few years,” explained Michl.

Exeter-Milligan Superintendent Paul Sheffield gave a report on the JPA construction progress.  He noted that the fire marshal will inspect on July 18 and then the teachers will be able to start moving into the classrooms.  He reported that several of the finishing items are delayed including the metal siding and also the gym ceiling.  They will be keeping the curved ceiling in the gym but a new material will be put in place.  The new gym ceiling will not be finished until after school starts.

Sheffield noted that there will be a community open house at both campuses on Monday, August 15 from 5 – 7 p.m.

The board set the next meeting for August 2 at 7 pm

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