Thursday, January 14, 2016

Exeter Village Board Discusses Tag Factory, Care Center

 The Exeter Village Board voted to advertise for bids for the demolition of the tag factor.

The Exeter Village Board met on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 and worked through a large agenda.

After approving the December meeting minutes and invoices vice chairman Tim Wilbeck noted that the last street sweeper payment was made.

The board moved quickly on to discussing the progress on the Tag factory demolition. The board unanimously approved a motion to advertise for bids for demolition.

The next agenda item was the water, sewer and street plan for landowners Craig and Kelly True.  The True’s were present and noted that in order for their building permit to be approved they must be able to give the zoning administrator a street address.  

The board discussed with True’s options for their driveway entrance. Also discussed was the option for closing a road that travels through the property owned by the True’s.  The board was not in favor of abandoning the road with Wilbeck noted that several Exeter citizens had been against closing the road.

The other option for the village would be to gravel a dirt road that is currently not maintained.
“It would be better for us to maintain that block and a half of North Empire and not close the other road,” explained Village Chairman Alan Michl.

After establishing that the village would gravel a block and a half of North Empire off of Kiowa St. the board was able to determine an address for the True’s.

The board moved on to discuss options for sewer and water service to the True’s involving Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller.  After discussing several options the board opted to leave the decision in Mueller’s hands.

The board approved an application from Dylan Axline for a propane tank in town.

The board reviewed the one and six year road reports and will vote on them next month.  The current paving bond will be paid off in June of 2019.  “I know the public starts to get worried when we talk about paving.  The one year plan is what we are probably going to get done this year but the six year plan is jut our wish list,” noted Michl.

The board approved two new library board members, Laura Pulliam and Mary Schlegelmilch before discussing the upcoming conference for board members.

The board approved the mini-excavator lease with the village of Fairmont.  Michl reported that he and Mueller attended a recent Fairmont village board meeting where Fairmont’s board approved the one year agreement.  Since both communities carrying the same insurance and employ the same city attorney there will not be an issue with coverage.

Mueller gave the maintenance report discussing  JEO engineering firms visit to the village.  JEO had given the village several bids for possible projects.  The board discussed one option that would survey the north area of town and give Mueller a guide to grading to direct the water on the north side of town.   Mueller noted that “there is always water standing on the paving.  It’s a mess down there.”

Mueller also reported that the painting of the pool will be delayed another year because the painting contractor will not be available.  He has investigated a concrete saw that will also cut water pipe with a cost between $1200-1500.  Mueller noted that it could be mounted on a cart and would be a multi-purpose too.  The board approved the purchase of the saw and cart.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported that she is  working on the application for a demolition grant with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

The village received a memorial check from the Marilyn Manning family with funds divided between the fire department, storybook park, the pool and the baseball association. 

The board received a letter from Casey Pohl noting that she would not be returning as the aquatic center manager this summer.

Clerk Erdkamp reported that they received a letter from Perennial Public Power stating that the multiplier on the well meter had been calculated incorrectly and  with the correction the village now owes an additional $1825 in electricity fees.

Clerk Erdkamp  reported that there are several with delinquent water bills.  She has received some payment on them and will continue to keep the board informed.

On December 28 the Village office received word that a new person had taken over the nursing home facility.  According to Erdkamp, new owners Perez Assisted Living, have plans to convert the Exeter and the Edgar facilities into non-profit assisted living centers.  Mueller toured the facility with the new owner.  Michl emphasized “we want to try to help them any way that we can.”

Clerk Erdkamp reported that the October sales tax was $10,160.39 and the Keno for November was $550.47.  She also noted that Viaero wireless is applying with the county to put in a cell tower on the edge of town. The special conditions permit will be on next month’s agenda.

The board set the next meeting for February 1st.

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