Thursday, January 7, 2016

Exeter Public Library Awarded Accreditation

     Nebraska Library Commission Library Development Director Richard Miller recently announced the accreditation of public libraries across Nebraska. The application for Public Library Accreditation was developed for Nebraska public libraries in order to assist and support improvements in Nebraska public library services. The purpose of the accreditation process is to establish expectations for governance, services, and resources for public libraries. The anticipated outcome is that in public libraries that meet statewide guidelines, Nebraska citizens will have access to accurate, quality library and information services that meet community needs. Nebraska public libraries may apply for accreditation after providing assurance that they meet twelve minimum qualifications including having a certified library board and library director, local funding, an email address, and other minimum requirements. Accreditation also requires that the library use a community-based planning process to complete a strategic plan, to be approved by the Nebraska Library Commission.

     Exeter Public Library was awarded Bronze status in recognition of exemplary library services and programs provided to the community of Exeter, Neb.

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