Friday, November 27, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Update: Label Money

Label Money
by Lisa Soukup
Exeter-Milligan Media Specialist

After a year of saving Box-Tops, Campbell's Soup Labels or Labels for Education, and Our Family UPC labels, the students are reaping in the benefits. Last year we collected approximately 13,114 which adds up to $1,311.40. Each label is worth ten cents. The elementary students collected the majority of the labels with help from the staff and community. Greg’s Affiliated and the Post Office in Milligan have boxes where you can put your labels to help the school. $1,311.40 is a nice chunk of change that would have ended up in the trash so please keep saving and turning in your labels.

What are we doing with the money you ask? Well for starters we have opened up an elementary school store. Before a student can purchase anything at the store, they need to earn EM coins. The coins can be earned by following the Six Pillars of Character and the activities that fall under them. The six pillars are Trustworthy, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. A homework goal would fall under the responsibility pillar while turning in 10 labels for the month would fall under the citizenship pillar. Each pillar has at least one way of earning coins while some may have several ways to earn coins. EM Elementary staff work hard to instill the philosophy of the six pillars of character during the school day and the students are reaping the rewards both intrinsic and extrinsic.

The 6th grade carried out a citizenship project last month and money from the Label account went to help fund the project. Four 6th graders presented their project to Mrs. Soukup and wanted to know if they could get some money from the label account to help pay for the items they needed. They all agreed on a dollar amount and that they would work hard all year to bring in more labels. The students raked yards in Milligan for a few senior citizens who needed the help. They also made and delivered cookies and a blanket to those on their list. The project was a huge success and not only our students benefited but the senior citizens.

Please take the time to cut and save your labels, Box Tops, Labels for Education and Our Family UPC. Greg’s Affiliated and the Post Office in Milligan have collection box. Each one is worth ten cents so when the kids bring in sheets with 10 on them, they have donated $1 to our school. Great things are happening with the money and our students are reaping the benefits whether helping others or living by the Six Pillars of Character.

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