Friday, September 11, 2015

T-wolves take win #28 at Sterling 34-16

 Quarterback keeper and he's off. . .

 Jack Dinneen takes the ball.

 Sean Maxson carries the ball
 Trevor Luzum heading down the field

 Kirby Soukup goes after the Jet ball carrier.
 Trevor Luzum with the ball.
 Jack Dinneen (above and below) fights off a Sterling player to make some yardage.

 Cameron White, Kirby Soukup and Spencer Papik take care of the Jets offense.
 Kirby Soukup and Sam Zeleny going after Jets offense.
 Sean Maxson carriers the ball down the line.
 Maxson with the ball again.
 Ready for some action. Below Maxson carriers the ball.

Johnathon Mounce and Cameron White lined up to defend.
 Maxson holds onto the ball

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