Sunday, February 22, 2015

Exeter Pack 218 Holds Crossover, Blue and Gold and Pinewood Derby

Ben Bartu (front left) and Braden Capek (front right) crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts in a ceremony led by Order of the Arrow Members (back row from the left) Seth Noel (Kichkinet), Joey Bartu (Akela), Ross Novoty (Meteu), and Liam Noel (Nutiket).

 Above:Exeter Cub Scout Pack with their Pinewood derby cars.  Front row from the left Carver Kanode, Wyatt Hale, Ronnie Babula and Logan Krupicka.  Back row from the left are Ben Bartu, Tyler Due, Josh Meyer, Mikey Bartu, Devin Harrison, Draven Payne, Braden Capek and Troy Kallhoff.
 Below: Tiger Cub Ronnie Babula gets some assistance placing his pinewood derby car on the track from Robert Rhodes.

Cub Scouts in Pack 218 celebrated the birthday of Cub Scouting on Sunday, Feb. 15 in Exeter.

The scouts opened the evening with a flag ceremony led by Webelos Scout Ben Bartu.  A prayer for the food was led by Braden Capek.

The scouts and guests enjoyed a meal and then had a Friends of Scouting presentation by Jayne Jensen and Cornhusker Council District Director Jerad Reimers.

Braden Capek and Ben Bartu, both Webelos 2 scouts, had crossed over to Boy Scouts in a ceremony earlier in the afternoon.  They both received all 20 of the activity pins, their second church award and the arrow of light award which is the highest award in Cub Scouting.

The Webelos scouts had picked a theme of Legos and the scouts had made numerous decorations that involved Legos including lantern Lego heads, Lego brick candy and crayons along with scarf slides that had 218 on them out of Legos.

The boys performed the Lego movie theme song adapting it to reflect the fact that “Cub Scouts are awesome,” before receiving their rank awards.

Receiving the bear rank were Josh Meyer, Tyler Due, Troy Kallhoff, Devin Harrison, Draven Payne and Mikey Bartu.  The scouts receiving their Tiger Cub rank were Carver Kanode, Logan Krupicka, Ronnie Babula and Wyatt Hale.

The scouts looked forward to the highlight of the evening, the Pinewood Derby Race.  Lance Larsen and Robert Rhodes were racemasters for the evening. They directed the scouts in the race and judged the show portion of the evening.

The show results included modified winners: Logan Krupicka, first, Troy Kallhoff, second and Ronnie Babula, third.  In the stock show Braden Capek came in first with Mikey Bartu in second and  Tyler Due in third.

The race was exciting and the top six winners raced to see who would be the fastest.  Overall in race Josh Meyer finished first beating out Tyler Due and Braden Capek.

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