Sunday, November 23, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Update: Earth Science

8th Grade Earth Science News by Matt Nicholas, E-M Science Instructor

This week in 8th Grade Earth Science, Students were given a very important task. They were given a bag of minerals and asked to identify them. The task of identifying mineral is a very tedious process. The students had to use patience and teamwork to accomplish their goal. They also had to use their knowledge of mineral properties to solve the puzzle. Their skills were put to the test as they measured the hardness of their unknown minerals. They were also challenged to identify several other properties such as: streak, luster, fracture, and cleavage. The students were able to use print and internet resources to analyze their data and come up with their final answers.

above - Mitchell Manning and Theron Odvody

below - Kate Jansky and Joel Klemm

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