Saturday, October 18, 2014

Exeter Village Board Meets

The purchase of a used dump truck along with the continuing discussion on several properties in town were the highlights of the Exeter Village Board meeting Tuesday, Oct 7th.

The first item on the agenda was a discussion on the 125 health benefit plan the village has been trying to replace for its’ employees. Clerk Becky Erdkamp noted, “None of  us are eligible for a Health Savings Account or a flexible spending plan and we have decided to take it as part of our wage.”

The board discussed this option and will pay the amount they employees were previously given monthly in the flexible spending accounts as part of their regular wage.  When the employees are given their yearly review any changes that need to be made will happen then.

The discussion moved on to the Tag Factory.  Since the last meeting the board has had an outside engineer come to inspect the building and just received the engineer’s report.  According to the report,  “the building is beyond any reasonable repair.”

Chairman Alan Michl, “We do not own these buildings yet.  They recommend we contact the owners of the building to see what their plans are.  What’s really sad is that it’s a cool building.  This is more of an information thing than anything. Becky will forward the information to the owners.”

Board member Mitch Schlegelmilch responded, “I feel we need to do something.  I know it’s a costly endeavor, but who else is going to do anything?”

Audience member Brian Murphy noted, “I would like to see some of the exterior tag factory ornamental items salvaged that have historical relevance.  If the building has to come down the ground will have to be compacted to 100%. I just want to make sure the board doesn’t go short-sighted and make sure the land is buildable again.”

There was discussion on different options for covering costs if the building has to come down.  Schlegelmilch was concerned that the owners would be upset about the village hiring an engineer.

Michl responded, “We have a letter from our village attorney telling us we need to do something since we have bricks falling in the street.”

Clerk Erdkamp noted that they have had several reports of roofing materials blowing on to main street from the building.

The Board discusses several nuisance properties in town.  Michl noted that he and Clerk Erdkamp will compose letters to the property owners.

There was no progress made on a baseball equipment shed.  Murphy reported that the ball association has discussion redoing the batting cage area which would involve the shed.  The board decided that they would purchase the shed and let the ball association decided where they wanted it.

The Board reviewed a water lien on a property in town that the bill needs to paid for by Friday.  The Board approved the lien.

It was reported that Chairman Michl and Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller attended the State of Nebraska surplus auction and purchased a 1999 GMC dump truck with 130, 000 miles on it for $9800.  
They reported preauction prices were $13,500.  They also purchased a salt and sand spreader for $108 and an extra one for parts.

Mueller noted that he had received a bid from Magnum Builders for the village hail damage repairs and it is less than the insurance estimate.  Mueller reported that the warranty on the roof was voided due to the hail.
Mueller reported that he will get some gravel and he is also checking on when the street repairs can be done.  Board discussed possible locations to start street repairs.

Clerk Erdkamp reported the July sales tax was $14260.61 and the August Keno was $623.09.  She informed the village that the library computer died and a new one was purchased.  She also passed along the information that the librarian will be attending the Rural Nebraska Librarian Conference soon.

The next meeting was set for Monday, November 12th.

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Terribly sad news about the tag factory...