Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Exeter-Milligan School Board Meets Discusses School Policies and Storm Damage

The Exeter-Milligan School Board met on Wednesday, June 11 in Milligan with a light agenda.

Under old business the only progress made on a possible building project was the determination that the board needed to look at times for a workshop which included the architects the board has chosen.

Superintendent Paul Sheffield gave a report on the extensive damage to the school from the June 3 hail storm in Exeter.  At the time of the meeting the insurance adjuster had not been to the school and all of the essential items had been repaired with windows boarded up and vehicle taillights and mirrors replaced.

Sheffield also reported that the Preschool room had been cleared out and TYKE representatives had sorted through the supplies in anticipation of the fall term.

Next on the agenda were the activity coop requests from Friend and Meridian.  Sheffield discussed the request from Meridian noting that he had spoken to the new superintendent at Meridian who had expressed “a wait and see attitude.”

As for the junior high football request from Friend, Sheffield explained, “I can see it being a thing where they can participate with our team.  They would wear our uniform and practice with us in Exeter and all the games would be in Milligan.”

Board Secretary Annette Gloystein emphasized, “There would be no team name change and they would wear our uniforms.”

The board gave Sheffield permission to informally present this option to the Friend district.

The board reviewed policy updates to the student handbook.  Sheffield explained the reasoning behind some of the tobacco and narcotic changes.  Some of these changes were in response to the rising availability of hash oil and its legalization for medical purposes in Nebraska.  He outlined the new forms of the oil that are becoming common and how students can use them without administration knowledge.  

Sheffield also clarified the schools jurisdiction in searching vehicles in the parking areas at the school with both a drug dog and the policy for firearms.  “The nice thing about our policy is that it is written so that the superintendent can review violations on a case by case basis.  We have kids who might go hunting before and after school or have trap practice or a trap shoot after school. They could possibly have a gun in their vehicle.  Some schools have taken on a zero tolerance policy.”

The board approved the teaching contract of Derek Harlow who will be teaching PE and Title at the Milligan campus.  He will receive a temporary Special Ed endorsement from the state as he is currently working on those classes.

The school board also approved a .05 hike in milk prices which will affect extra milk purchased along with milk tickets in the elementary classrooms.

Extra duty assignments for all of the teachers were reviewed and the board excused member Tom Sluka’s absence from the meeting.  Sheffield showed the new countertop for the kitchen and updated the information on the weight room which has been moved to the south half of the small gym.  The next Exeter-Milligan School Board was set for July 16th.

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