Saturday, March 8, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Update: Fourth Grade News

Exeter-Milligan 4th Grade News by Shelli Mueller

The fourth grade room has been exploding with technology. As a 1:1 iPad elementary, we have the capability to do a lot of Project Based Learning. Using the iPads, the students are individually learning the content of the subject.
Recently in Nebraska Studies, we used a website called Thinglink to create projects. The students had to look up information on a topic and link it all together.
In Science, they used an app called Skitch to label the layers of Earth’s core. They also used an app called Pic Collage to collect pictures of weathering, erosion, hurricanes, tornados, floods. They also use the app Zondle to study for tests in Science and Social Studies. I love that they are exploring on their own and learning in their own way.

Front L-R: Katelyn Babula, Kiah Songster, Wesley Ronne, Alec Schlueter
Middle L-R: Rebecca Krupicka, Peyton Pribyl, Ben Bartu, Cameran Jansky, Chris Kelch
Back: Briana Capek, Casey Underwood, Braden Capek, Kole Svec, Emma Olsen

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