Thursday, October 24, 2013

Exeter-Milligan Update:Lee National Denim Day

31 Exeter-Milligan staff members participated in the Lee National Denim Day on Tuesday, October 9.  This was held in conjunction with the volleyball team's Pink Out game.  Staff members contributed $5 in exchange for wearing jeans to work that day.  $155 was raised and will be sent to the American Cancer Society via Lee National Denim Day.  This was the eleventh year the school has participated. They have raised $1750 in those eleven years.

Top: Pictured dressed in pink at the Exeter site are (L-R):  Vicki Klemm, Lori Ruhl, Angie Murphy, Lisa Soukup, Mary Lou Vossler, Mary Kay Pribyl, Brian Murphy, Rachel Haider, Anita Mueller, Sharon Lott, Judy Kassik, Kara Myers, Matt Nicholas, Marla Weber, Sara Linocln, Tyler Hinton, Rhoda Wahl, Jordan Marr and Phyllis Severson.  Also donating, but not pictured were Dean Filipi, Darcy White, Sherry Dumpert, Jackie Yound, Lorie Sliefert, Lin Schlueter and Dixie Krejci --


Pictured dressed in pink at the Milligan site are (L-R Row 1)  Shelli Mueller, Allison Brahm, Rachel Lucas, Audrey Betka (Row 2)  Bob Mahoney, Casey Pohl, Beth Vavra. Not pictured, but donating to the cause was Chris Harre.

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